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Gain Exceptional Clarity on Email Origins & Foil Impersonation Efforts.

Achieve Unmatched Email Security Fortified By Threat Intelligence

Streamline Email Security Implementation Through Automated DMARC Analysis

DMARC360 Offers A Comprehensive Solution For Gathering DMARC Data, Analyzing Email Traffic Trends, And Swiftly Deploying An Email Security Framework. This Includes Expert Incident Response Through Our Dedicated Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT).

We are committed to aiding you in attaining DMARC compliance and safeguarding your brand against email fraud and impersonation attacks.

Simplified DMARC Deployment

Monitoring of Emailing Sources

Email Impersonation Insights

Stop Spoofing in its Tracks with SPF

Enhancing Emailing Infrastructure

Ensure Optimal Email Deliverability

Implementing robust email and browser security measures helps mitigate these risks and ensures a safer digital environment for your organization and its stakeholders.

Without DMARC, attackers can easily impersonate your organization, increasing the likelihood of successful phishing attacks on your employees and customers.

Lack of SPF and DKIM leaves your email domain vulnerable to spoofing. Attackers can forge emails, damaging your brand reputation and potentially engaging in fraudulent activities.

Inadequate email and browser security can lead to unauthorized access and data breaches. Confidential information may be exposed, leading to legal and financial consequences.

Without proper controls, malicious actors can use compromised emails and websites to distribute malware. This can result in compromised systems, data loss, and operational disruptions.

BEC attacks can occur when attackers gain unauthorized access to an executive’s email account. Lack of authentication mechanisms like DMARC, SPF, and DKIM makes it easier for attackers to manipulate and deceive.

Successful phishing or email spoofing attacks can erode customer trust. If customers receive fraudulent communications appearing to be from your organization, they may lose confidence in the security of your services.

Cybersecurity incidents can lead to significant financial losses, including costs related to remediation, legal consequences, and potential fines for failing to protect sensitive information.

Many industries and regions have data protection regulations that require organizations to implement specific security measures. Non-compliance can result in regulatory fines and damage to your reputation.

Malicious emails or compromised websites can lead to the loss of productivity as employees deal with security incidents, remediation efforts, and potential downtime.

A security incident, especially one involving email fraud or browser vulnerabilities, can severely damage the reputation of an organization. Rebuilding trust with customers and partners can be a long and challenging process.


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